't En Zal ( ‘it shall’ in old Dutch) was conceived as a combination between old and contemporary colonial style, making use of natural stone, matured recycled wood such as doors, windows and beams, as well as the profuse application of rare satin wood, kumbuk and ebony, even in kitchens and bathrooms, and genuine antique furniture. You step back in the past - enjoying nature as well as modern comfort.


The entrance door (satin/ebony) features a salvaged temple door lock and leads to a stone staircase next to an old washing basin and period rubbing stone.

After climbing the –easy- stair we enter the ground floor dining area leading also to the front side porch and the Bougainville garden with an out of this world Uva valley panorama, including Mount Pedro, Fox Hill end the military HQ of Diyatalawa.

The rear door of the ground floor leads to a 1st terrace where 4 stairs take guests to the garden via a koi-pond, a terrace, and a summer hut. The garden, with bench, features a variety of fruit trees: apple, pear, plum, fig, avocado, anoda, pomme grenade and even a BO-Tree.

Shadow and rest are guaranteed, even under a Summer hut!