das Hügelland Luxus B & B

Southern view
Front door & garage
it's here!
signalising main entrance
main gate
connecting garage to the street
main entrance
main entrance
Drawing by: Jiho Lee (Korea)
Entrance door
Lord Buddha
Lord Buddha
stairs to ground floor
ground floor
Rhino By L.Senanayake
guests floor lobby
rare kovil door (jaffna)
guests room hall
old dutch display cupboard (genuine)
private sitting room
't En Zal (fire place)
fire place
sourthen view (ocean view)
northen view (Uva valley)
sourthen view (Indian ocean)
Eastern view
View from 2nd floor (ocean)
Indian ocean view
West view
South view from 3rd floor
S view 3rd floor
South western view (3rd floor)
Front gable
Front gable
Terrace (front)
Front terrace
In the night...
Northen terrace
View from entrance gate (night)
't En Zal in the night
Front terrace (covered)
Front view at dusk
Tunnel of love (bogainvilla)
Front side terrace (night)
Welcome to 't En Zal!
't En Zal
Front side
Main entrance
Before entering the main building
Lord Buddha protecting 't En Zal
Parking area
't En Zal (fire place)
't En Zal seen from the SW
Front side terrace
Wall painting room 5
view from garden
Balcony room 5
Dining room beam decoration
Second floor beam decoration
Dining room
Fire place
Chicken meat balls dish
Prawns dish
Top floor

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Photographs: inside and outside by Wilfried Van Els

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